Costa Rica in December

After a very successful first week long trip in October, I decided to schedule a trip for December to meet with new clients I met in October, but didn't have enough unscheduled time to properly get to know their properties. I was very fortunate to have my cousin and experienced real estate attorney Julio take me around in his all wheel drive SUV, especially for some of the more remote properties. I was even more fortunate that these clients were so impressed with me that they were willing to wait two months to contract my services.
This time around, Julio will be on vacation with his family in Cuba, but has graciously left me his SUV. Whereas before we were three- Julio, his younger brother Carlos, and myself- it will now be just Carlos and myself. Carlos, who works for the department of transportation for the National University of Costa Rica in Heredia is a trained professional driver. Although I have driven and am capable of driving in Costa Rica, it is always nice to leave things to the professionals.
I have been practicing new maneuvers with my drone that will hopefully lead to more interesting shots for the new properties. I will be in Costa Rica from the 15th until the 22nd of December. In order to avoid the issue I caused on my last trip, I will ask bluntly and publish publicly. Do you know of anyone that would be interested in marketing their property in Costa Rica? Do you know someone that is interested in investing in Costa Rica or buying a vacation/retirement home? Now is the time to reach out to me. My contact information can be seen on the right. I will try to post while in Costa Rica and hopefully will be able to avoid another emergency drone repair on this trip.

Peter LoPresti

I grew up living between Chicago during the academic year and Costa Rica during the breaks. I loved experiencing it as a child, teenager, college student and whatever label I am now. Experience the urban and rural through the different perspectives of age, responsibilities, and interests cemented my knowledge of and interest in Chicago, Costa Rica, and the world in general.
I like to think of myself as an aged local historian in training, trying to accumulate as much knowledge as humanly possible through first hand experience. On a typical weekend, you can find me swapping travel stories over local ale and cherishing local insider tips from others. I can't wait to dish on all the great hidden gems Chicago and Costa Rica have to offer.
My mother was the fourteenth of sixteen children my grandparents had in Costa Rica. I am now using my extensive personal experience in Costa Rica and as well as my network of over seventy first cousins, twenty-eight aunts and uncles as well as my extended family to help people find investment properties that will match American expectations of ROI and luxury, but sold at Costa Rican prices.