Learn why Costa Rica is called "Central America's Success Story" and makes for an ideal place to invest.


Areas of Investment


Arenal Volcano 

Although the 1968 Arenal Volcano eruption is what made this area a tourist destination, the surrounding lake, geothermal spas, resorts, and well established tourism industry is what keeps Arenal one of the most visited parts of the country.

Nicoya Peninsula

Pristine beaches and wildlife preserves are what bring tourists and expats to the Nicoya Peninsula. Large expat communities with amenities such as deep sea fishing, golfing, surfing, and wild life tours in exciting beach towns is what you'll find in the Nicoya Peninsula.

Central Valley

Home to three of the largest cities in the country, including the capital San Jose, the central valley features hip restaurants, the best museums in the nation, and robust public transportation. 


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